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Basic Year Two


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Basic Year Two (180 Classroom Hours):

• Introduction day 
• E-learning/online Ayurveda therapy course (European Institute of Vedic Studies) **)
• Interactive classroom days with advanced video class lectures (3 days)
• Basic price: € 2400 

**) Offered by EIVS, teacher Atreya Smith, booking through AAS (automatic when registering for this year two)


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II. Basic Year Two – Elaborate Description

Introduction day to year two (6 hours) -  6 September 2014 - Loenen
This day is to reconnect with each other, to formally start the new study year, cover some logistics and introduce some of the main study topics of this upcoming year. Major attention will be given to the specifics of the upcoming e-learning track of this year. We will also re-view the video class lecture on Shadpadartha – the important fundamental scientific principles necessary to really grasp the foundation of clinical ayurveda.

E-learning/online Ayurveda therapy course (160 hours) - 8 September 2014 - 8 June 2015
This is a very intense, whole-year-round e-learning track with weekly online sessions, an online international classroom format, and taught by Atreya Smith (vaidya). They have been running and teaching this program for several years now. It is aimed at – very efficiently – studying all the aspects of ayurveda necessary for understanding and setting up a basic clinical practice, suited to what in the west is denoted by the title ayurvedic practitioner. Click here for an overview of all dates and subjects.

Their approach is highly scientific, practical and includes nutrition, lifestyle, psychology and western herbs. The track is very demanding and one has to count on 8 to 10 hours of study load each week, for a period of a whole study year, from September to July (with a Christmas break).

Interactive classroom days with advanced video class lectures (18 hours) - 9 October - 22 February - 12 April in Hoenderloo 
Three separate days, covering 4 subjects, each of them starting with an inspiring, in-depth video class lecture by Dr. Vijith, and followed by an explanatory presentation, discussion and class assignments.

Topics are:
• Chapter 3 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to seasonal routine
• Chapter 4 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to prevention of diseases
• Chapter 5 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to knowledge of liquids
• Chapter 6 of Asthanga Hridayam: introduction to knowledge of nature of food materials

NB: These classes can be substituted by doing the Video Class Retreat in India; ask our study advisor for the details and arrangements or view the full color brochure over here.

Downloadable information:

  • All data year 2: Will follow soon
  • One page overview of all three year: click here 
  • Complete study brochure of all three year plus advanced options: click here 


Explanation E-Learning  

 E-learning module in the second year of the Practitioner track; an example


An example of a lesson by Atreya Smith in an E-learning setting like we offer at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, pleae click the link below:



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