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Basic Year Three


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Basic Year Three (180 Classroom Hours):
• Introduction day
• Theme days and thesis preparation (3 days)
• Interactive classroom days with advanced video class lectures (6 days)
• Vata management practical internship in India ***)
 Basic price: € 2600
***) Travel expenses, Room & Board not included in above price


III. Basic Year Three – Elaborate Description

Introduction day to year three (6 hours) - 20 September 2014 - Loenen (G)
This day is to reconnect with each other, to formally start the new study year, cover some logistics and introduce some of the main study topics of this upcoming year. Major attention will be given to the specifics of the upcoming internship in India, the setup for writing a short and concise thesis, and the wrapping up of the three-year basic program to become ayurvedic practitioner.

Theme days and thesis preparation (18 hours) - 22 - 29 & 30 November; 13 & 14 December; 28 March; 16, 16, 18 &19 and 30/31 May - Loenen (G)
Three theme days are planned to discuss specific and more advanced ayurvedic study topics, as well as to prepare writing a short and concise thesis on a specific pathological subject. The study topics can be various, and may consist of – for example – advanced seminars on clinical subjects, by ayurvedic physicians.

Video class lectures from home (36 hours) - September, October, November, December.
Six separate days, covering nine subjects, each of them starting with an inspiring, in-depth video class lecture by Dr. Vijith, and followed by an explanatory presentation, discussion and class assignments.

Topics are:
• Chapter 7 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to protection of food
• Chapter 8 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to quantity of food
• Chapter 9 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to principles of pharmacology
• Chapter 10 of Asthanga Hridayam: introduction to the six tastes, in detail
• Chapter 11 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to the knowledge of the doshas
• Chapter 12 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to the classification of the doshas
• Chapter 13 of Asthanga Hridayam: introduction to the treatment of the doshas
• Chapter 14 of Ashtanga Hridayam: introduction to the two types of treatment
• Chapter 15 of Asthanga Hridayam: introduction to the drug groups for therapies

NB: These classes can be substituted by doing the Video Class Retreat in India; ask our study advisor for the details and arrangements or view the full color brochure over here.

Vata management practical internship India (120 hours) - 11 - 31 January 2015 - Vaikom - Kerala - India
A three week internship in Sreekrishna in Kerala, India – on the clinical approaches in a fully functioning treatment center. This internship will focus on the general management and treatment of vata disturbances, though – of course – the management of the other two doshas will also be integrated to a small degree. Students will be fully involved in an early morning till late at night program, with theory, demonstrations, practice and assignments – varying from making herbal medicines tot actual treatment assistance. The internship will be guide by Dr. Vijith and his wife, Dr. Vidya. Full information on our internships in India – also practical and logistical – can be found in a separate brochure (upcoming soon).

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