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Seminars with Dr. Vijith

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Advanced seminars with Dr. Vijith

These seminars are for advanced students and continued education for former students, practitioners and anyone who wants to get acquainted with Dr. Vijith's advanced clinical training (for example when you consider doing the complete video class series in India or the advanced internship in India).


Seminars 2015:

See below the details per seminar:

    • 16/17 May: 'Dosha Upakrama – fundamental guidelines for the treatment of Vta, Pitta, Kapha in clinical practice'
    • 18/19 May: 'The practical use of some key South Indian ayurvedic complex preparations' (available in The Netherlands) (FREE Seminar at Holisan)
    • 30/31 May: ‘Clinical Assessment in Practice – guidelines on step-by-step assessment of your clients/patients; with live examples’



  • 16/17 May: 'Dosha Upakrama – fundamental guidelines for the treatment of Vta, Pitta, Kapha in clinical practice'

Location: Babaji Ashram, Loenen; Price: €180-

!! For this Seminar we've made a Teaching Video of Dr. Vijith available, so you can prepare yourself. See this FREE Teaching.

In this seminar Dr. Vijith teaches you how to treat each dosha: a practical and clinically important overview of guidelines!

What is Dosha Upakrama

Dosha Upakrama refers to all forms of Chikitsa (treatment) for a particular dosha. One could also describe it as the guidelines to treat a particular dosha. These guidelines are partly of a more general nature and focus on the more specific treatments falling under Shodhana (purification) and Shamana (pacification) Chikitsa. But other guidelines are more specific and additional treatment modalities are given in order to balance the respective dosha. Ayurveda is unique in its rich variety of treatment modalities. Dr. Vijith will point out how the three doshas are the pillars of Ayurveda, how to classify treatments of each dosha and how to understand the entire treatment palette for each dosha, its features and the principles behind it. Very practical and applied – a must for your clinical practice skills!

Dr. Vijith writes the following:

“Rogastu dosha vaishamyam, dosha samyam arogata!”

‘Ashtanga Hrdayam Sutrasthana first chapter defines disease as just the imbalance of doshas and health as the state of balanced doshas. This conscious focus on treating doshas to correct the dhatus is one of the major changes that Vagbhata contributes to the Ayurvedic thought flow. Charaka samhita discusses in detail about the imbalances of srotas and their management whereas Vagbhata spoke little about it. He silently conveys the message that the function is controlling the structure. Doshas are the functional units which develop the foetus from embryo in the mother’s womb. And they maintain and repair it when damaged from any causes. We know doshas as the culprit behind disease but we don’t realize that it is part of our self-defence. Dosha Upakramaniyam is an inevitable chapter for Ayurvedic practitioners to master and put into practice.’

“Treat Vata like your friend!”

“Treat Pitta like a King!”

“Treat Kapha like your opponent!”

Wat is Dosha Upakrama

Dosha Upakrama verwijst naar een overzicht van alle mogelijke vormen van Chikitsa (behandeling) die voor een bepaalde Dosha in aanmerking komen. Men zou het ook kunnen omschrijven als de richtlijnen om een bepaalde Dosha te behandelen. Deze richtlijnen zijn deels meer algemeen van aard en richten zich in die hoedanigheid ook op de meer specifieke behandelingen die vallen onder Shodhana en Shamana Chikitsa. Maar andere richtlijnen zijn meer specifiek en geven extra behandelingsmodaliteiten teneinde de betreffende Dosha tot rust te brengen. Ayurveda is uniek in haar rijke schakering aan behandelingsmodaliteiten. Daar de drie Dosha’s de pijlers van Ayurveda vormen, geeft een indeling van behandeling per Dosha een goed algemeen overzicht alsmede meer inzicht in het gehele behandelingpalet, de mogelijkheden daarvan en de principes erachter. 



• 18/19 May: 'The practical use of some key South Indian ayurvedic complex preparations' (available in The Netherlands)

Location: Holisan, Lelystad; Price: FREE; Registration through Holisan’s website only

In Zuid-India worden vele klassieke ayurvedische complexpreparaten gebruikt. Holisan heeft sinds kort enkele nieuwe complexpreparaten in haar assortiment opgenomen. Deze middelen zijn vaak erg effectief en nuttig en deze 2 dagen zijn dan ook speciaal bedoeld voor ayurvedische therapeuten en practitioners die graag met deze producten willen werken. De informatie en expertise over deze middelen wordt op deze dag verzorgd door Dr. Vijith Sasidhar, een zeer ervaren ayurvedische arts uit Zuid-India, die veel praktische kennis en ervaring heeft op het gebied van de inzet van deze middelen. Deze dagen zijn gratis toegankelijk en we nodigen iedereen uit om deze informatieve en praktijkgerichte dag te komen bijwonen. Dr. Vijith zal verwijzen naar de klassieke teksten, maar vooral ingaan op hoe de aanwijzingen voor gebruik van deze preparaten hun nut kunnen hebben in de dagelijkse klinische praktijk. Vragen m.b.t. case studies uit uw eigen praktijk zijn in deze context natuurlijk van harte welkom. Een overzicht met beschrijvingen van de nieuwe preparaten is verkrijgbaar bij Holisan. Aangeraden wordt om de beide dagen te volgen. Maar de dagen mogen eventueel ook los van elkaar gevolgd worden.



• 30/31 May: ‘Clinical Assessment in Practice – guidelines on step-by-step assessment of your clients/patients; with live examples’

Location: Arnhem; Price: €180-

In this seminar Dr. Vijith will teach in an alive Q&A set up the ins and outs of how to assess your clients or patients: what has priority, how to ask for additional information, when and what to check with a client or patient, which conclusions to draw and which not.

This seminar is for designed as a practical seminar for our almost graduating third year students and is open only for a small group of selected extra participants, who must be skilled and working practitioners, well versed in the teachings of Ayurveda, as this seminar is not meant to revert to the basic principles of Ayurveda in terms of theory of pathology and examination, unless it supports the deeper understanding of the cases being discussed in class. Students/participants are invited to bring in case studies, and – when appropriate – clients or patients can be brought to class for ‘live’ assessment. Clients or patients have to fully agree with this as well as understand the learning environment of the assessment and its implications. Students/participants guarantee full confidentiality. If you are interested in joining this highly interesting and practice-oriented seminar, please contact Coen van der Kroon personally through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here you can see a short movie about the clinic and the work from Dr. Vijith.                                                                             It also includes an interview with Coen van der Kroon and teachings from Dr. Vijith with our students.

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Seminars Dr. Vijith


  • 16/17 May: 'Dosha Upakrama’
  • 18/19 May:Complex Preparations’ (FREE Seminar at Holisan - Lelystad)  [Make sure you also Sign Up Through Holisan!]
  • 30/31 May: ‘Clinical Assessment in Practice – guidelines on step-by-step assessment of your clients/patients; with live examples’


from 10.00 - 17.00  


€ 180,00 


16/17 May: Sada Shiva Dham Ashram Loenen, Vrijenbergweg 60, 7371 AB Loenen (G)

18/19 May: Holisan Lelystad

30/31 May: Arnhem 


Sada Shiva Dham Ashram -Loenen: +31 (0)55 505 2871

Room & Board: If you want room & board during the seminar, it can be arranged if you like; please call the ashram.

Lunch: If you can, please make use of the the lunch facility they offer. There are small dietary adjustments possible if needed. (please let the ashram know by giving them a call)

Costs: Amount(s) to be paid to the ashram directly (not to AAS) upon arrival.

  • Lunch only: € 15,00 per lunch
  • Room & Board: € 45,00 per night


Upon receiving your registration and fee of €100 on our bank account (its inclusive in the total price), your registration is final and your place is secured. At that moment your registration is binding.

For more information please call: + 31 6 24 32 16 25. Or leave a message and we call you back.

from Dr. Vijith's website and his clinic, see also:

"A physician in Ayurvedic terms is known as VAIDYA, or one who has a perfect knowledge about the subject. Here Ayurveda being a very personalized knowledge system it demands a long and arduous training in the theory and practice of the system under a GURU or preceptor. The soul of this institution is one such rare personality who had an intensive training under two of the best practicing traditions existing in Kerala. Vaidya Vijith Sasidhar after acquiring his graduation in Ayurveda decided to go in for the traditional learning and the result has been a fine practitioner who is not ready to be constrained under the shackles of orthodoxy and embraces the universality of the science in its true sense.

Vaidya Vijith has also worked on several path breaking research programs in one of the best research institutions in India. Of late, he has been on a pursuit of designing innovative practice methods for meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram has been his personal dream. This healing institution blends the olden tradition of ayurveda in which the home of Ayurvedic physician used to be the home of the patient during the time of treatment procedures which ensured a personal care and constant support by the physician and modern amenities for a demanding world. Situated on the picturesque banks of the Vadayar River it ensures a healing touch to your body and soul.

Over the time in order to meet the growing demands two like minded physicians from the same tradition have been brought in to fulfill the idea of personalized care. Dr. Sreejith K.J. and Dr. Diana Sreejith would be serving as the resident physicians to provide round the clock services to the patrons."

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