Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seminar with Dr. Claudia Welch

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life - 2013/2014

Seminar met Dr. Claudia Welch

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For Claudia's program at the AAS in 2013/2014 please wait for more information.
Right now we are working on a weekend seminar and a 4 day retreat.

Dr. Claudia Welch

    Dr. Claudia Welch

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Interview with Dr. Claudia Welch

Editorial review: Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life:
In her first full-length effort, Welch offers women a comprehensive overview of Oriental Medicine. She suggests that the root of problems faced by modern women can be found in an imbalance between sex hormones and stress hormones that results in women "of all ages" experiencing problems ranging from "painful periods, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia to...uterine fibroids, hot flashes, heart disease and osteoporosis." Welch, a licensed massage therapist who holds a certificate from the state of New Mexico to practice Oriental Medicine and a national certificate to practice acupuncture, wisely offers a disclaimer: "this book should not be taken or construed as medical diagnosis or treatment." She breaks down hormones (the "ambassadors of Yin and Yang"), discusses serious health issues, from breast risks to dementia, and offers methods for restoring hormonal balance. While these primarily include a diet based in organic whole grains, beans, green vegetables, and soy, meditation and exercise, and the reduction of stress inducers (some of her advice will strike readers as familiar), when taken as a whole, the advice is sound. A welcome eastern addition to the women's health discussion. (Mar.)

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