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All Seminars Details

The seminars will be accredited by the AAS if you are participating in the Practitioner Track. Each seminar counts for 6 contact hours per day.

2014 and 2015

All Seminars will be given in the English language.


Seminars with Dr. Vijith:

  • 'Dosha Upakrama – basic guidelines for the treatment of Vta, Pitta, Kapha'

DATE: 16/17 May 2015 - Babaji Asrham Loenen

  • 'The practical use of some key South Indian ayurvedic complex preparations' (available in The Netherlands)

DATE: 18/19 May 2015 - Holisan Lelystad (FREE Seminar)

  • 'Clinical Assessment in Practice – guidelines on step-by-step assessment of your clients/patients; with live examples’

DATE: 30/31 May 2015 - Location: Arnhem


Seminar Nicholas and Gudrun Lewis:

  • 'Medical analysis of a vedic chart'

DATE: 15 & 16 November 2014 - Babaji Asrham Loenen


Seminars Dr. Shailesh Muli:

  • 'Pancha Nidana I & II' (You can join only Part I or join Part I & II both.)

DATE: Part I: 29/30 November 2014

DATE: Part II: 13/14 December 2014 (only if you joined Part I)

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