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Ayurveda – a universal health system of body and mind
Ayurveda is an age-old science and profession. Its aim is healing as well as preventing disease. The framework of ayurveda is a holistic one, integrating body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda focuses on a natural and healthy balance in the life of each and every being, and acknowledges each person as a unique entity. Yoga has always been an integral part of the ayurvedic approach.

Yoga – a holistic system of mind and body
The word Yoga means ´union´: the integration of physical, mental and spiritual energies that enhance health and well-being. The physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation practices of yoga are practiced to ultimately still the mind and consciousness to achieve a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility in order to connect with our true Self. Yoga and ayurveda are among the oldest known systems of health practiced in the world today.

Yoga and Ayurveda
Yoga and ayurveda have long been complementary practices, serving each other like two sides of one coin. Ayurveda purifies the body and mind and yoga directs subtle energy into appropriate channels for spiritual progress. Both practices deepen and become more effective when practiced with the other. This manifests on a deeper level whenever ayurveda is offered in integration with yoga.

Yoga Moves
The Ayurveda & Yoga Module at YogaMoves has been developed out of this union: it is a unique approach to yoga that is systematically tailored to each person’s individual constitution and condition. This module can be a valuable and powerful means of heightening your own awareness and living in harmony with nature, as well as of sharing this practical knowledge with students.

  • Yoga theory
  • Yoga practice
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga sutra
  • Ayurveda theory
  • Ayurvedic yoga
  • Ayurvedic nutrition
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Didactics
  • Western anatomy and physiology

Liese van Dam     

   Liese van Dam                  Coen van der Kroon


Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Module AAS @ YogaMoves 

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A. Sankhya Philosophy: Dharana and the Yoga of Ayurveda

- dates: 

- times: Friday & Saturday 9.00-17.30




B. Practicing Ayurveda & Yoga in your daily life [Sadhana Practice Module] – OPTIONAL

- dates: 

- times: Wednesday 12.30-16.30




C. Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology

- dates: 

- times: Saturday & Sunday 9.00-17.30




D. Yoga for the Dhatus [Sadhana Practice Module]

- dates: 

- times:  Wednesday 12.30-16.30




E. Written practice assignment





60 (84)

  • Obligatory submodules: A, C, D & E (60 hours)
  • Optional (but highly recommended) submodule: B (84 hours)
  • Written practice assignment is obligatory at the end (for AAS students only)
  • Register as AAS student with us for this module (educational/administrative only); we will inform YogaMoves about your registration BUT
  • You also have to register with YogaMoves; they will send you the invoice for this Ayurveda & Yoga Module!

For whom:

  • Only sign up for this module if you are clear on studying this part of ayurveda WITH an already existing connection with yoga from your side; this module is NOT for complete beginners in the yoga field, you do have to have some yoga experience, please contact us when in doubt. 
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 months of regular yoga practice, prior to this module, please contact us when in doubt. 


  • Obligatory submodules are: A, C, D & E (total 60 hours)
  • Optional (but highly recommended) submodule is: B (total 84 hours)
  • Written practice assignment is obligatory at the end (E, and this is for AAS students only)
  • Register as AAS student with us for this total module for the cost of € 50 (educational/administrative/correction of assigment only). This is also for us to be able to send you the final assignment, which has to be returned to us in written form within one month after all submodules are done at YogaMoves. Chose  ACDE, or ABCDE (both options are possible; total final credit hours is 60 or 84 respectively).
  • Each submodule has to be booked and paid through YogaMoves only for all separate submodules, except E.
  • All submodules ABCD fall under responsibility of YogaMoves, and AAS is in no way liable for the educational and financial contracts between you and YogaMoves.
  • Submodule E is under contract of you with the AAS, and is costwise covered by the € 50, which also includes the educational/administrative fee for the AAS to register this as a credited part of your curriculum at the AAS). 


To register click here: online registration - we will inform YogaMoves that you are an AAS student (only then they will accept your registration). Don´t forget to register at YogaMoves yourself as well, they will send you the invoice for this Ayurveda & Yoga Module!


For more information or trouble with online registration please call: + 31 6 24 32 16 25. (please leave a message if answering machine responds)

Upon receiving your online and your registration fee of €100 (which is inclusive in the total price) on our bank account, your registration is final and your place is secured. At that moment your registration is binding.

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