Sunday, February 18, 2018

A new adventure: Delight Academy | Ayurveda


We have all been working very hard: a team of people - all with their specific expertises - doing their utmost best to accommodate the heritage of the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, with a history of a full ten years of excellent Ayurveda education, under a new roof. The new venture will continue as Delight Academy | Ayurveda. There is also a Delight Academy | Yoga section, which offers a Yoga Teacher Training.

Coen van der Kroon

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All about the new Delight Academy | Ayurveda


 "Tremendous depth - relationship between East and West very well brought forward." - student

"It is more than just a school: for me the beginning of a beautiful (and never ending) journey." - student

"The passion of the teachers is contagious and makes me want to study more and more." - student 



Upcoming Open Day

Sunday July 2nd, 14-17 pm (Ayurveda Studies at Delight Academy) 

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  • Founder

Coen van der Kroon - Founder Academy of the Ayurvedic Studies and now Program Director of Delight Academy | Ayurveda

Welcome to the website of the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies now merging into Delight Academy | Ayurveda, thé international Ayurveda institute in the Netherlands! Most of our tracks are in English and open to all international students! 

"The only school to combine teachings straight from the ayurvedic classics with modern application of Ayurveda in western life!"


  • Recent developments

 Just Smile, it is a lovely day

We are honored to announce that the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies* is now merging into the Delight Academy - Ayurveda, which is a department of Delight Yoga. It seems like a natural next step to continue our school under this new and solid roof, as Yoga and Ayurveda are inseparable sister sciences.

The Delight Academy will offer Ayurvedic Practitioner Trainings as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings in Amsterdam. From September 2017 onwards they will offer a newly designed 4-year HBO-conform/Bachelor status Ayurveda Practitioner Training program.
This year you can submerge yourself in various Ayurvedic workshops, seminars and retreats. Does this sound interesting? Please have a look at the Delight Academy website!
*We will continue to teach and finish our 2nd and 3rd year Ayurvedic Practitioner program for our current students.


Delight Academy | Ayurveda

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